Can Out-of-State MMJ Patients Buy Cannabis In Oklahoma?

Did you know… in some states, out-of-state medical marijuana cards are accepted? This means that a Missouri medical marijuana patient, a Maryland MMJ patient, or an even a visiting Ohio marijuana cardholder, would be able to buy cannabis in Oklahoma. As medical cannabis legalization ramps up in the Show-Me State, we take a look at buying cannabis in neighboring states.

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Upcoming Missouri Cannabis Events With Green Health Docs

The Green Health Docs Advocacy Team is gearing up to hit the road this summer to help educate the public about medical cannabis, and set medical marijuana evaluation appointments for qualifying patients. In this blog, we’ll take a look at several upcoming Missouri cannabis events where you can expect to see the Green Health Docs Advocacy Team in action, answering all your questions about Missouri cannabis.

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Ask A Medical Marijuana Doctor: Dr. Kathy Trumbull Interview

Our medical marijuana doctors at Green Health Docs are asked literally hundreds of questions each day about medical marijuana. That’s why we’ve created this new interview series, Ask A Medical Marijuana Doctor, where one of our physicians will answer common questions that many medical marijuana patients ask when visiting our clinics.

Dr. Kathy Trumbull has been seeing patients at our Missouri medical marijuana clinics since we opened our doors this spring. Her knowledge in the cannabis field is outstanding, and her compassion and care for patients is her top priority. We sat down with Dr. Trumbull to discuss some common questions that patients have about using cannabis.

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Driving and Medical Marijuana

Recently, our team at Green Health Docs was asked to discuss medical marijuana with Fox 4 in Kansas City. The resulting news piece focused largely on warning about the dangers associated with drunk and drugged driving. The report also sported some wildly inaccurate claims about what it’s like to use marijuana.

The Green Health Docs Advocacy Team dissects these claims and outline products that may be safer than others. We also sit down with Dr. Kathy Trumbull in Kansas City to clear the air about medicating with medical marijuana, and how it is uniquely different from getting “high” off a recreational marijuana.

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