Our Mission

To combat the nation’s opioid epidemic: Founded by a team of pain medicine physicians, anesthesiologists, and surgeons, Green Health Docs knew that there had to be a better way to help patients. Starting in Maryland and then expanding to Ohio, Missouri, and North Dakota, Green Health Docs goal is to give patients easy access to medical cannabis as another option instead of traditional pain medications, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and many other addictive and harmful drugs. With multiple locations across Maryland, Ohio, Missouri, and North Dakota Green Health Docs provides patients with easy access to supportive, knowledgeable marijuana doctors who will happily provide these patients with their Maryland, Ohio, Missouri, or North Dakota Medical Marijuana Card!


We take our jobs seriously to provide you with the best!


Our staff has years of experience in this field


We care, we want the best for you


We've been told we have the nicest people in the business


We're straight forward with every cost


You won't find a better experience than with us!


We think we're pretty darn good at what we do and according to these clients we're not alone

Educated Staff to help with this new treatment for my anxiety an pain. Staff was very helpful in educating me on the different options we will have once dispensary opens. Doctor was very understanding to my condition. While we are in this new phase of medical treatment I am so glad I chose this office for my journey.

Irfanna S - 04/17/2017

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Green Health Docs. I walked right in after work on Thursday and they saw me (no appointment scheduled). I think they allow both walk-ins and appointments. Overall, Green Health Docs, Michelle, Dr. Edwards and the rest of the staff made this whole process super easy for me and it finally made sense! The education they provided me was great and helped clarify how the Maryland Marijuana Commission works.

Aaron K - 03/12/2017

Green Health Docs was awesome. Dr. Edwards is honest, caring, and actually listens. The education they provided was excellent and their Sunday seminar was AMAZING! Michel is the sweetest person I have ever met and she made me feel totally at home. Thank you to Green Health Docs and I'll be seeing you every Sunday!

Jeremy C - 03/06/2017

I hope I can get off my pain meds. Thank God for Green Health Docs. Finally, someone will actually listen to me instead of just shoving meds in my face.

Justin L - 03/24/2017