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Smoking and Vaping Medical Marijuana: Is it Safe?

Smoking and Vaping Medical Marijuana: Is it Safe?

Many cannabis users are already familiar with smoking the marijuana bud or flower, as it tends to be the most common method of administration. As more and more medical dispensaries continue to open, Maryland patients will find they have access to a wide variety of cannabis options. These include disposable vape pens other vaporizer products, creams, salves, tincture, elixirs, mints and other products.

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Cole Memo Rescinded: Medical Marijuana Program Ramifications

Medical Marijuana Program Ramifications in Maryland and Nationwide

So word has it that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to rescind the Cole memo that has kept the Feds out of legal cannabis states. Sessions will instead let federal prosecutors decide how aggressively to enforce federal marijuana laws in states where marijuana is legal.

Do We Really Need Jeff Sessions for our Medical and Recreational Marijuana Programs?

Are we all ready for Jeff Sessions to go away yet? I mean this is the man that compared cannabis to heroin and has blamed it for spikes in violence, among other things. He believes “good people” don’t use cannabis. The man refuses to read the studies showing the benefits of cannabis as well as refuses to listen to the American people. Polls show that the majority of people are certainly in favor of some form of legal cannabis.

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How Do I Get A Maryland Medical Marijuana Card?


Last month, a few dispensaries in the state of Maryland finally opened their doors with product! What an exciting time for the patients who have waited so long to get the medicine they need! I couldn’t be prouder to be a Maryland native and cannabis certifying physician in my home state. However, even with dispensaries open and the medical marijuana program gaining momentum, many patients are unclear on how to obtain a Maryland medical marijuana card. Fear not: At Green Health Docs, we have helped over 4,000 patients navigate this process, and we can help you get certified as well!

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My First Day Purchasing Medical Cannabis in Maryland: A Patient’s Perspective

Cannabis in Maryland


As Maryland patients are finally able to purchase medical cannabis from local dispensaries, one Green Health Docs patient wanted to share his story and his feelings on December 1, 2017.  This was the first day dispensaries were open in the state of Maryland and the first time this patient has EVER purchased marijuana from ANY dispensary (medical or recreational) in any state.  

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Medical Marijuana Drug Interactions: A Maryland Cannabis Doctor’s Perspective

Medical Marijuana Drug Interactions Maryland

In 2014, Maryland legalized medical cannabis and on December 1st, 2017, for the first time EVER, Maryland medical cannabis patients were allowed to legally purchase marijuana from a state approved medical cannabis dispensary!!

Since February 2016, Green Health Docs has seen and certified over 3000 patients, in 6 locations, for the Maryland Medical Marijuana Program and finally patients are getting access to this wonderful medication.

Many patients come to Green Health Docs looking to reduce the amount and/or dosage of their current prescription medications. This is understandable since most medications have the potential for harmful side effects, especially with prolonged use and when combined with other medications.

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Medical Marijuana Cards For Children in Maryland: A Physician’s Take

Medical Marijuana Cards for Children in Maryland
In Maryland, children are able to qualify for the state’s medical marijuana program if they are accompanied by a parent/guardian for their visit and meet criteria for having failed other medications prior to seeking marijuana.  

Thankfully, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) realized the importance of medical marijuana for children and approved this so that children could also get a Maryland medical marijuana card, just like adults.  

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Dear Maryland Cannabis Commission, Another Argument in Favor of Out of State Patients

Okay, I’ve had time to digest the decision of the MMCC to not allow out of state patients access to life-changing medicine based off of their address. I’ve come to grips with thousands of people still having to go through black market sources and all that comes with that to obtain their medicine.  Not to mention the revenue that could be redirected to legally operating businesses and taxed accordingly.

I can ignore the damage it is has done to businesses that based their set up and growth models off of the published law allowing out of state patients. The law as written influenced decisions on location, size, and staffing, and changing it now hurts some businesses through no fault of their own. It has cost and will cost more jobs. Read More

Maryland’s Cannabis Program: Q&A + My Take

Medical Cannabis

Working for a medical cannabis evaluation clinic allows me the opportunity to speak with many people openly and honestly about the benefits of medical cannabis. It is the most rewarding part of my job. I take the responsibility of educating others about medical cannabis very seriously, and I appreciate the opportunity to answer the questions many people have. Here are some of the more common questions, and a few not so common ones, that I thought I’d share. Read More

MMCC (Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission) Fails Out of State Patients

Medical Marijuana - Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission denies thousands of patients through a new decision.

Earlier this week the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) announced that they will be changing the laws as it pertains to out of state patients. The MMCC has had out of state applications on hold for months while they were deciding what to do with the regulations.

The regulations in question allowed out of state patients to be seen by a Maryland doctor and receive medical cannabis in Maryland. The MMCC had concerns over patients transporting medicine across state lines and have now decided to not serve out of state patients, nor allow them to apply for the program.

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Maryland Cannabis Physician

Cannabis, Maryland

The World-Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has removed CBD from its banned list of substances. WADA delivered a statement on September 29, 2017 stating that “Cannabidiol is no longer prohibited.” They did warn however that THC was till on their list of banned substances. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 80+ chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. It became popular with the media in recent years due to its incredible ability to be anti-epileptic and stop seizures in children. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. It is a very powerful anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, analgesic, muscle relaxer, and sleep aide. There are also current studies being done on its ability to heal Alzheimer’s disease and kill cancer cells.
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