What is Linalool? Understanding Linalool Terpene Effects

lavender terpenes

Photo by Pixabay Cannabis is finding wider circulation throughout the world due to its many medicinal benefits. While the average person may know about cannabinoids like THC and CBD, terpenes are not as popularly known. Terpenes are chemicals that give cannabis and fruits, vegetables, and other plants their distinct smells and flavors. Linalool is a…

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Is Weed Legal in Mississippi? MS Weed Laws & Mississippi Marijuana Legalization Efforts in 2023

is weed legal in mississippi

Photo by RDNE Stock project Cannabis legalization might feel inevitable, after all, states all over the US are quickly shifting their attitudes about marijuana. For now, it still remains federally illegal, but states ultimately get to decide marijuana’s legal status for themselves. States are building out their own systems to embrace cannabis and allow for…

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THC and Sleep: What Happens When You Sleep High?

what happens when you sleep high

What happens when you sleep high after smoking marijuana? Weed makes you sleepy, so many people will use cannabis for sleep, but there’s much debate over whether this is good for you. With approximately 16% of Americans saying they smoke cannabis or use other THC products, this is an issue afflicting potentially millions of people.…

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Can You Donate Blood or Plasma If You Smoke Weed?

can you donate plasma if you smoke weed

Can you donate plasma if you smoke weed? What about “Can you donate blood if you smoke weed?” Donating blood or plasma is a selfless act that has the potential to save somebody’s life. An estimated five million Americans receive blood transfusions annually for various reasons. Yet there is consistently a shortage of available blood…

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Is Weed Legal in Georgia? Plus Georgia Weed Laws & Georgia Marijuana Legalization Efforts in 2023

is weed legal in georgia

Photo by Yash Lucid Cannabis law is shifting despite not much movement on the national front. While marijuana remains a controlled substance that’s illegal on the federal level, states can still decide the legal status of cannabis for themselves. Some states have green-lit medical marijuana, others have fully legalized cannabis and there are still a…

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