What is the Half-Life of THC & How is THC Metabolized?

how is thc metabolized

Photo by Rafael Classen By now people know cannabis can get you high because of its THC. The growth of the cannabis industry is expanding our collective understanding of how THC interacts with our body. From tips to extending your high to understanding how long it may linger in your system and pop up on…

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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System? Information on How Long Marijuana Stays in Urine, Blood, Hair & More

How long does marijuana stay in urine?

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash Cannabis legalization for medical and recreational use is expanding across the country. However, some employers still reserve their right to test you for cannabis use. They’re within the letter of the law because cannabis use is still illegal on the federal level and depending on your hiring agreement…

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What is a Tincture? Plus the Benefits of THC Tinctures

Photo by Dana Miller Plant medicine is more than just a clever euphemism for medical marijuana. There is a movement to use plants and botanical products to treat various illnesses and symptoms. For centuries, the goal of plant medicine has been to use homeopathic treatments like tinctures to capitalize on the natural health benefits of…

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