How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System? Information on How Long Marijuana Stays in Urine, Blood, Hair & More

How long does marijuana stay in urine?

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash Cannabis legalization for medical and recreational use is expanding across the country. However, some employers still reserve their right to test you for cannabis use. They’re within the letter of the law because cannabis use is still illegal on the federal level and depending on your hiring agreement…

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The Difference Between THC and THCa? And More THCa FAQs

what is thca

The Difference Between THC and THCa Have you ever wondered what the difference between THC and THCa is and what the percentages of “THC” and “THCa” on a marijuana label really mean? As it turns out, the proportion of these two compounds in the strain you select plays a huge role in the effects it…

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Are Edibles Dangerous? A Guide for Medical Marijuana Patients

Are Edibles Dangerous A Guide for Medical Marijuana Patients

Cannabis edibles are extremely popular among medical marijuana patients because they’re smoke-free and easy to consume, but are edibles dangerous? You’ve undoubtedly heard the stories of “bad trips” resulting from overconsumption, but there are ways to enjoy these products safely. Most importantly, always get a doctor’s consultation before using edibles. A knowledgeable physician can advise…

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How to Use Marijuana Without Smoking it

How to Use Marijuana Without Smoking It

If you’re considering medical marijuana but you’re averse to the idea of smoking it, you have a range of other consumption options available. There are over 4 million legal medical marijuana patients nationwide, and this thriving marketplace has paved the way for a myriad of products and delivery systems, some of which are relatively new.…

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Can You Get Fired for Medical Marijuana in Maryland?

Can You Get Fired for Medical Marijuana in Maryland

If you have a Maryland medical marijuana card, you can access cannabis without the threat of arrest—but that doesn’t mean you can’t get fired for using medical marijuana. If your employer imposes a workplace drug policy, you need to understand the potential ramifications of maintaining medical marijuana treatment.

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Illinois Medical Marijuana Laws Every Patient Must Know

Illinois Medical Marijuana Laws That Every Patient Must Know

The Prairie State is home to more than 108,000 registered cannabis patients, but a surprising number of these patients are unaware of the most important Illinois medical marijuana laws. It’s important to be informed about MMJ’s relationship to employment, gun ownership, and other key issues. We’ve created the following list to provide a basic overview.

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