Missouri Dispensaries Struggling with Limited Supply

Missouri Dispensaries struggling with limited supply

Medical marijuana is finally available to qualifying patients in Missouri, but supply remains limited. As of this writing, only 13 Missouri dispensaries have opened their doors. But with so few options and so much demand (over 65,000 patients registered so far, and thousands more applications being processed), businesses are finding themselves in a bit of a bind.

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Maryland Pushes for Legal Marijuana – What This Means for Medical Patients

Legal marijuana in MD

What would cannabis legalization in Maryland mean for medical marijuana patients? This question is on many people’s minds in light of some recent reports.

Maryland lawmakers are considering marijuana legalization as part of the 2021 legislative session. State Delegate Jazz Lewis (D) has been working on a formal draft of what could become the state’s marijuana legalization bill, which includes a regulated recreational marketplace, expungement of past marijuana convictions, and the enactment of a social equity program that would reinvest in communities negatively impacted by the War on Drugs.

But there’s still the question of what it could mean for the state’s 100,000 registered medical marijuana patients.

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Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to Help Shape Medical Marijuana Policies Nationwide

MD commission to help shape national marijuana policies

Regulators from Maryland recently made headlines by co-founding the new Cannabis Regulators Association, a nationwide coalition of cannabis policymakers. This move could have huge ramifications for future cannabis policy—including medical marijuana policy—in the U.S.

Under the guidance of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC), Maryland has been a national leader in medical marijuana policy since 2014, with the enactment of House Bill 881.

While the bill laid the groundwork for a formal medical marijuana program, the state has actually tolerated medicinal marijuana use since 2003, when the Darrell Putman Compassionate Use Act was signed to protect patients. As one of the first states to recognize and protect medicinal users, Maryland is in an excellent position to help shape nationwide policy.

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Can You Get Medical Marijuana for Prostate Cancer in Missouri?

Can you get medical marijuana for prostate cancer in missouri

More and more prostate cancer patients in Missouri are turning to medical marijuana to supplement their treatment. But does it work? In what ways does it specifically help? And does prostate cancer legally qualify you for medical marijuana in the first place?

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Can You Get Medical Marijuana for CRPS in Maryland?

Can you get medical marijuana for CRPS in Maryland

Do you live with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in the state of Maryland? If so, you may qualify for a medical marijuana card. While cannabis is a relatively novel treatment approach for CRPS, it may offer some degree of symptom relief without the side effects of common drugs.

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Can You Get Medical Marijuana for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Maryland?

Can you get medical marijuana for carpal tunnel syndrom in maryland

Maryland patients may have a new treatment option for carpal tunnel syndrome: medical marijuana. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) impacts over 8 million Americans every year, and it can be difficult to treat. Extreme measures like wrist-splinting and surgery aren’t always effective, and conventional medications only offer short-term relief—often with severe side effects. Some states are allowing sufferers to access medical marijuana as an alternative treatment, but what about Maryland?

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Can You Get Medical Marijuana for Bipolar Disorder in Missouri?

Can you get medical marijuana for bipolar disorder in missouri

Bipolar disorder affects more than 2.3 million Americans, about 1% of the general population, and a growing number are turning to medical marijuana as an alternative or supplement to conventional medications.

The state of Missouri, though, won’t issue a medical marijuana for just any condition. You must have one of the state’s qualifying conditions. So, the question is, can you get a medical marijuana card for bipolar disorder in Missouri?

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Are Edibles Dangerous? A Guide for Medical Marijuana Patients

Are Edibles Dangerous A Guide for Medical Marijuana Patients

Cannabis edibles are extremely popular among medical marijuana patients because they’re smoke-free and easy to consume, but are edibles dangerous? You’ve undoubtedly heard the stories of “bad trips” resulting from overconsumption, but there are ways to enjoy these products safely. Most importantly, always get a doctor’s consultation before using edibles. A knowledgeable physician can advise you on the dosage and what to expect. Read More

How to Use Marijuana Without Smoking it

How to Use Marijuana Without Smoking It

If you’re considering medical marijuana but you’re averse to the idea of smoking it, you have a range of other consumption options available. There are over 4 million legal medical marijuana patients nationwide, and this thriving marketplace has paved the way for a myriad of products and delivery systems, some of which are relatively new. If you don’t want to consume cannabis the old-fashioned way, consider just a few other ways to use marijuana without smoking it. Read More

Does Marijuana Lose Its Potency?

Does Marijuana Lose Its Potency

As certified medical marijuana doctors, we often get asked the question “Does marijuana lose its potency?” Over time, cannabinoids degrade and marijuana loses its potency, reducing both the psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Patients have to be diligent about storing their cannabis properly and using it within the recommended time frame. The key is understanding how to properly store it and how quickly to use it. Read More

7 Key Maryland Medical Marijuana Laws Patients Must Know

Maryland Medical Marijuana Laws statue

There are several key Maryland medical marijuana laws every current and prospective patient must know. For instance, did you know that you can get into serious legal hot water for owning a gun as a medical cardholder? Or that your card-carrying status doesn’t protect you from disciplinary action at work? We’ve listed the most important laws that every patient in Maryland should be aware of.

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6 Important Missouri Medical Marijuana Laws

Missouri Medical Marijuana Laws That Every Patient Must Know

There are a few important Missouri medical marijuana laws to consider when becoming a legal patient. For instance, CBD is still largely prohibited in the state—even though CBD retailers are popping up everywhere. There are also strict possession limits for how MMJ patients can carry. And there’s the big question of whether Missouri patients can purchase a firearm.

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7 New Jersey Marijuana Laws You Must Know Immediately

important New Jersey marijuana laws

New Jersey marijuana laws are complex and strict. While the Garden State is more cannabis-friendly than some states in the union, marijuana use is still heavily restricted and regulated.

For instance, did you know that New Jersey has some of the nation’s toughest penalties on the books for people who grow marijuana at home? Or that certain medical patients can smoke an unlimited supply of cannabis? Yes, New Jersey’s laws are unique, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the key regulations. Read More

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card Application Process

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card Application Process

Nearly 70,000 Arkansans are certified to purchase medical marijuana. If you have a qualifying condition and would like to gain access to one of the state’s 16 (and counting) dispensaries, the Arkansas medical marijuana card application process is fairly easy and straightforward. Read More

Patients’ Comprehensive Guide to Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Medical Marijuana in New Jersey - Everything Patients Must Know

There are more than 80,000 medical marijuana patients in New Jersey. If you already have a medical marijuana card, or if you’re thinking of applying for one, you’ll first need to familiarize yourself with the laws, the regulations, and the registration process. We’ve created this guide to help you become an informed patient. Read More