Can Your Edibles Expire? How Long do Weed, CBD & THC Gummies Last?

do edibles expire?

Photo by Elsa Olofsson Edibles offer a great delivery system for medical marijuana, especially for beginners. After all, smoking weed can be intimidating, but edibles offer all the beneficial cannabinoids without harsh smoke or requiring accessories. Before you invest in edibles you may wonder, do edibles expire? How is THC affected by time and can…

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Kief vs Hash vs Weed FAQs

hash vs kief vs weed

Photo by Jess Loiterton Medical marijuana is bringing more people to cannabis but that can sometimes mean introducing strangers to a whole new language describing various cannabis products and processes. This can be a bit intimidating for a newbie wondering: what is weed vs. hash vs. kief? What does it all mean? People seeking medical…

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What are the Benefits and Risks of Using THC Pills?

Medicinal cannabis products have been growing in popularity since medicinal marijuana was legalized in California in 1996. This is turning the tide towards decriminalization across the country and the world. So it’s no surprise that multiple THC pills are now on the market. THC pills provide patients with a simple way to take cannabis: flavorless,…

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