A Patient’s Guide to Arkansas Marijuana Laws

Cannabis Patient Learning Arkansas Marijuana Laws while Rolling a Joint

Arkansas residents spend over half a million dollars per day on legal cannabis products. But not just anyone is free to light up, and even registered medical marijuana patients are subject to a labyrinth of restrictions and regulations. Before you step foot in your local dispensary, you’ll want to brush up on all applicable Arkansas marijuana laws. Read More

How to Become an Arkansas Medical Marijuana Caregiver

How to Become an Arkansas Medical Marijuana Caregiver

A designated medical marijuana caregiver is an individual chosen by the patient to obtain and administer medication on their behalf. It may be the parent of a minor with a medical marijuana card, or it may be the friend or relative of a disabled patient who’s unable to manage their treatment independently. The process for becoming a medical marijuana caregiver in Arkansas is simple, but not everybody is eligible. Read More

Understanding Arkansas Medical Cannabis & Guns Laws

Arkansas Medical Cannabis & Guns

When you consider registering for an Arkansas medical marijuana card, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the laws pertaining to Arkansas medical cannabis and guns. Arkansas has nearly 80,000 registered guns, making it the second-largest state in the nation for gun owners. It is also home to over 50,000 medical marijuana patients and growing, and that’s where things get complicated. Many of these patients also own guns and may be violating the law without even realizing it. Read More