Ohio Qualifying Conditions: Anxiety & Autism Recommended by Ohio Medical Board

We’re still a few weeks out from knowing which of the five proposed medical conditions will be added to the list of Ohio qualifying conditions, but the State Medical Board of Ohio have officially recommended that autism and anxiety be added to the program. The Green Health Docs Advocacy Team outlines what this means for Ohioans, anxiety patients and those suffering from the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder.

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Ohio Medical Marijuana Oils Temporarily Pulled From Dispensaries

The Buckeye State hit another snag this week as Ohio medical marijuana oils have been temporarily pulled from dispensary shelves. This follows a dispute over a misprint on the product that forced the state to issue the recall.

Below, the Green Health Docs Advocacy Team will take a look at why this recall happened, what it means for Ohio medical marijuana patients, and if marijuana oils will make a return anytime soon.

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Ohio Medical Marijuana Cards Not Recognized by Ohio University

Students of Ohio University in Athens got a rude awakening this week when Jim Sabin, OU communications specialist, confirmed to Athens News that the school has banned the use of medical marijuana on campus. The university will also not recognize Ohio medical marijuana cards, even if a student is a qualifying patient. The Green Health Docs Advocacy Team will dive into what this means and why it’s both logical and foolish to ban medical marijuana on campus.

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FDA Explores CBD. Does the Ohio CBD Ban Still Stand?

The Farm Bill has now passed, and hemp is making its way to the American market. It is only a matter of time until there’s an explosion of CBD products. In lesser words, the CBD Gold Rush is on! In fact, it’s happening already, and the ink has barely dried on the Farm Bill. You may have even noticed products spilling into your local grocery stores. Despite the Ohio CBD ban, some coffee shops in Cleveland even offer CBD shots in your espresso!

But is all CBD created equal? And will CBD products ever be fully legalized in Ohio, where a ban of CBD products was instituted late in 2018? Our Green Health Docs Advocacy Team dives into the latest news that the FDA is reviewing the safety of CBD oil and CBD products in May 2019.

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