Ask A Medical Marijuana Doctor: Dr. Kathy Trumbull Interview

Our medical marijuana doctors at Green Health Docs are asked literally hundreds of questions each day about medical marijuana. That’s why we’ve created this new interview series, Ask A Medical Marijuana Doctor, where one of our physicians will answer common questions that many medical marijuana patients ask when visiting our clinics.

Dr. Kathy Trumbull has been seeing patients at our Missouri medical marijuana clinics since we opened our doors this spring. Her knowledge in the cannabis field is outstanding, and her compassion and care for patients is her top priority. We sat down with Dr. Trumbull to discuss some common questions that patients have about using cannabis.

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Driving and Medical Marijuana

Recently, our team at Green Health Docs was asked to discuss medical marijuana with Fox 4 in Kansas City. The resulting news piece focused largely on warning about the dangers associated with drunk and drugged driving. The report also sported some wildly inaccurate claims about what it’s like to use marijuana.

The Green Health Docs Advocacy Team dissects these claims and outline products that may be safer than others. We also sit down with Dr. Kathy Trumbull in Kansas City to clear the air about medicating with medical marijuana, and how it is uniquely different from getting “high” off a recreational marijuana.

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How To Become A Missouri Medical Marijuana Patient Caregiver

Medical marijuana is quickly coming to Missouri. Patients can’t apply for their official Missouri medical marijuana card yet, but the June 4, 2019 start date is quickly approaching. As of this May 1 writing, we are just over a month away! Because of this, the Green Health Docs Advocacy Team thought it was time to explore what the process will be for becoming a Missouri Medical Marijuana Patient Caregiver.

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Missouri Will Grant 338 Medical Marijuana Licenses

Medical marijuana licenses are soon to be handed out! The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services have announced that they will be granting 338 licenses to cannabis businesses. The DHSS also stated that the application process for incoming businesses will begin June 4. Plans for review will take place in late summer, from August 3-17.

So what does that mean for Missouri patients exactly? Our team at Green Health Docs will explore below.

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Green Health Docs Attend 420 Events In St. Louis & D.C.

There were hundreds of 420 events, festivals and celebrations held over the April 20, 2019 weekend. Green Health Docs attended several events, including the National Cannabis Festival in DC and Breaking the Stigma, a 420 fest held at Maggie O’Brien’s Irish Pub in St. Louis. Green Health Docs was on hand to answer questions about cannabis, provide evaluations and share in the love of marijuana.

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Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Patient Projections Make No Sense

Ever since Missouri passed their medical marijuana law, many have been wondering just how many potential patients the state will eventually have once the program is fully operational. The Kansas City Star is now reporting that the state hired a team at the University of Missouri to determine the Missouri medical marijuana patient projection numbers. However, their research confusingly suggests a mere 26,000 medical marijuana patients will exist in Missouri by the end of 2022.

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