Legal Edibles in Missouri

Are Edibles Legal in Missouri?

Missouri’s medical marijuana program is now fully underway but not all forms of edibles are legal in the state. If you prefer brownies and gummies over smoked cannabis flower, there are a few things you need to know about the complicated legal status of edibles. When you visit any of the new dispensaries, you’ll notice that certain popular cannabis snacks aren’t available.

Are Edibles Legal in Missouri?

Some edibles are legal in Missouri, but others are strictly prohibited. Your options are primarily limited to traditional cookies, brownies, and other nondescript consumables. When Missouri voters weighed Amendment 2 (legalizing medical marijuana), it came with the stipulation that marijuana edibles would be sold in child-resistant containers and clearly labeled to avoid misidentification. Beyond that, edibles weren’t identified as being subject to any specific requirements.

Some state legislators and voters, however, feared the potential repercussions of allowing marijuana products that might be visually appealing to children. In response, lawmakers drafted House Bill No. 1896, which was signed into law by Gov. Mike Parson in the spring of 2020. The new law stipulates that:

medical marijuana edibles universal packaging symbol

  1. Any marijuana edibles that resemble the shape of a human, animal, or fruit are strictly prohibited. In other words, those popular gummy bears are off limits. In addition, all cartoon imagery is strictly forbidden on products and packaging.
  2. All marijuana edibles must be presented in the form of geometric shapes, e.g. rectangular brownies.
  3. Any edible product with 10 mg or more of THC must be labeled with the universal marijuana packaging symbol (a diamond that contains the letters THC as well as the letter M for “medicinal” and the number of milligrams of THC).

Who Can Access Edibles in Missouri?

Like all cannabis products, edibles are available exclusively to registered Missouri medical marijuana patients. They’re available in dispensaries statewide, and they’re subject to monthly purchase limits.

To obtain your Missouri medical marijuana card, you’ll need to have a qualifying condition such as epilepsy, cancer, intractable migraines, Crohn’s disease, PTSD, or any other chronic, debilitating condition. You first need to obtain a physician’s recommendation, and then you need to register with the DHSS. Then you can access cannabis statewide.

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What Are the Purchase Limits for Edibles in Missouri?

Under Missouri marijuana law, patients are limited to a maximum of 4 oz. per month of cannabis flower or the equivalent. Non-flower products like edibles are measured in the form of MMEs (Missouri Marijuana Equivalency Units). One MME = 3.5 grams of cannabis or 100 mg of another THC-infused product (like an edible).

You can purchase up to 32 MMEs in a month. So if a typical space brownie contains 200 mg of THC, you can purchase up to 16 of those in a month (assuming you don’t purchase any other medical marijuana products).

Should You Consume Edibles in Missouri?

Edibles can be therapeutic for medical marijuana patients, especially those patients who are averse to smoking. You have to be extremely careful with your dosage, though. A mild dose of 2.5 to 5 mg of THC is plenty.

Edibles are far more potent than smoked marijuana, and it all has to do with the digestion process. Instead of being absorbed directly into your bloodstream, edibles are digested and broken down into various metabolites by the liver. One of those metabolites is called 11-OH-THC, which is far more psychoactive than THC because it crosses the blood-brain barrier at a much quicker pace.

So keep your dosage small, and remember that it can take an hour or more for the edibles to take effect. So if you don’t feel anything right away, don’t eat more. Just wait.

The last thing you want is for your medicinal therapy to turn into a bad trip.