When Will Medical Marijuana Be Available in Missouri?

When Will Medical Marijuana Be Available in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) started issuing license approvals to medical marijuana businesses last winter, but as of this writing, patients are still unable to access legal cannabis in the state. Two dispensaries have opened in the St. Louis area, but even they don’t have products available. So what’s the reason for the delay? Read More

Missouri Medical Marijuana Bills Seek to Protect Employees & Parents

Missouri office building with employees inside

Missouri NORML has introduced two new bills in the hopes of protecting patients who participate in the state’s new medical marijuana program. One bill is aimed at protecting employees, and the other seeks to protect parents. Both bills have been filed in the Missouri House of Representatives by Rep. Wiley Price of St. Louis. Read More

How Missouri Is Preparing to Sell Medical Marijuana

Missouri medical cannabis cultivation facility growing medical marijuana

Thanks to last year’s passage of Amendment 2, qualifying Missouri residents can now become legal MMJ patients by acquiring their Missouri medical marijuana card. In January, state health department officials released a complete list of the 192 marijuana dispensaries approved for licensure. The state has also approved 60 licensed commercial cultivators to provide marijuana to these dispensaries. But now that the businesses have been licensed, the real work begins. Read More

What to Do If Your Missouri Doctor Won’t Certify You for Medical Cannabis

Some Missouri Physicians Aren't Certifying MMJ Patients

Missouri’s medical marijuana program is now underway, and the first step for prospective patients is to receive a physician’s recommendation and register with the Department of Health & Senior Services (DHSS). Many applicable patients, though, are having trouble finding a doctor who will certify them. If you’re struggling to get certified, you have a number of options available to you. Read More

Growing Missouri Medical Marijuana At Home

Growing Missouri medical marijuana at home is easy! We’ve already written up a handy guide to help patients understand how to grow cannabis. This Missouri home cultivation tutorial will walk patients through the process of obtaining their home cultivation license.

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Missouri Medical Marijuana Is Legal. What Happens Next?

During the fall of 2018, residents of the Show-Me State voted overwhelmingly to approve and implement a statewide medical marijuana program. Naturally, because Missouri voters felt quite passionate about Missouri medical marijuana, voting to pass the constitutional amendment 66% to 34%, many have been asking when to expect cannabis businesses to begin sprouting up. Though a few medical marijuana doctors, including the dedicated physicians at Green Health Docs, have already opened their doors to suffering patients, dispensaries and other cannabis businesses have yet to step foot in the state. But many are coming, rest assured!

So what exactly causes all these delays? Why does it take so long for medical marijuana dispensaries to open? When can patients get their legal Missouri marijuana card? And can you expect to buy legal cannabis anytime soon? There’s quite a few reasons for all the delays. Some are pretty simple to explain, whereas other explanations can be a little tricky. We’ll explore below!
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