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Recreational Marijuana Won't Be on the 2020 Missouri Ballot

Recreational Marijuana Won’t Be on the 2020 Missouri Ballot

July 15, 2020

A planned initiative to get recreational marijuana on the Missouri ballot has failed, but there are still legal options for obtaining cannabis. Learn more.

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Why‌ ‌You‌ ‌Still‌ ‌Need‌ ‌a‌ ‌Medical‌ ‌Marijuana ‌Card‌ ‌in‌ ‌ Maine‌

Why You Still Need a Medical Marijuana Card in Maine

July 14, 2020

Maine legalized recreational marijuana four years ago. But if you need medical cannabis, it’s still critical that you get certified as a patient. Learn why.

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Ohio Police Cracking Down on Private Marijuana Clubs

Ohio Is Cracking Down on Private Marijuana Clubs

June 3, 2020

Not all Ohio medical marijuana providers are created equal — some can get you into big trouble. Learn how to stay safe as a patient.

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strongest weed strain picks for 2020

Strongest Weed Strains in 2020

January 30, 2020

As cannabis cultivators continue to crossbreed various strains of marijuana, we’re introduced to the strongest weed strains we’ve ever seen. The highest THC strains of today seemed impossible just 20 years ago. Whether you’re looking for heightened effects or your tolerance is too high to benefit from average strains, you’ll benefit from knowing our picks…

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The Dangers of Laced Marijuana

The Danger of Laced Weed

January 28, 2020

When purchasing medical marijuana, it’s essential that you shop only licensed dispensaries because of the dangers of laced weed. You might save a few dollars by purchasing from the street, but you might be getting a lot more than you bargained for.

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cooking with cannabis and how to avoid mistakes

The Best Cannabutter Recipe Plus, Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking with Cannabis

October 31, 2019

As marijuana laws continue to evolve across the U.S., cooking with cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular activity among medical marijuana patients and recreational users alike. It allows for a simple and potent marijuana delivery system without a single puff of smoke.

If you’re new to the unique complexities of culinary cannabis, you’ll want to avoid some of the common cooking mistakes—lest you waste perfectly good flower on an unintended kitchen disaster.

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difference in medical vs recreational weed banner

Differences Between Medical Cannabis vs Recreational Marijuana

October 26, 2019

Though marijuana may be enjoyed for medicinal or recreational uses (laws vary by state), it’s important to recognize the fundamental differences between medical cannabis and recreational weed.

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Illinois Goes Recreational! Could Missouri Be Next?

June 14, 2019

Illinois recreational marijuana is coming! The Land of Lincoln is poised to become the 11th state in the U.S. to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. Our team at Green Health Docs dissects whether this new measure will inspire Missouri to go recreational sooner rather than later.

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