Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to Help Shape Medical Marijuana Policies Nationwide

MD commission to help shape national marijuana policies

Regulators from Maryland recently made headlines by co-founding the new Cannabis Regulators Association, a nationwide coalition of cannabis policymakers. This move could have huge ramifications for future cannabis policy—including medical marijuana policy—in the U.S. Under the guidance of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC), Maryland has been a national leader in medical marijuana policy since…

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Can You Get Medical Marijuana for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Maryland?

Can you get medical marijuana for carpal tunnel syndrom in maryland

Maryland patients may have a new treatment option for carpal tunnel syndrome: medical marijuana.  Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) impacts over 8 million Americans every year, and it can be difficult to treat. Extreme measures like wrist-splinting and surgery aren’t always effective, and conventional medications only offer short-term relief—often with severe side effects. Some states are…

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Can You Get Medical Marijuana for Bipolar Disorder in Missouri?

Can you get medical marijuana for bipolar disorder in missouri

Bipolar disorder affects more than 2.3 million Americans, about 1% of the general population, and a growing number are turning to medical marijuana as an alternative or supplement to conventional medications. The state of Missouri, though, won’t issue a medical marijuana for just any condition. You must have one of the state’s qualifying conditions. So,…

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Can You Get a Medical Card for Anxiety in PA?

Can you get a medical card for anxiety in PA

More than 18% of the American population lives with an anxiety disorder, and a growing number—including many Pennsylvania residents—are turning to medical marijuana. Governor Tom Wolf legalized medicinal cannabis in April of 2016, and Pennsylvania is now notable for being a state whose medical marijuana program caters to anxiety sufferers—with a few restrictions and caveats.

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How to Read Medical Marijuana Labels

Every medical marijuana product is packaged with a descriptive label that highlights important information for patients. The packaging requirements are different in each state, but there are a few common details that you’re likely to find on most medical marijuana labels.

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Joplin, MO, Dispensaries to Open by End of December

Joplin dispensaries to open by end of december

Joplin is about to become the latest Missouri community to offer medical marijuana services. This is welcome news for locals who count themselves among the state’s 67,000 medical cannabis patients. Although the state has approved 192 dispensaries (24 in each congressional district), only 16 such facilities have opened their doors thus far.

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Your Complete Guide to Utah Medical Marijuana Laws

Your complete guide to Utah medical marijuana laws

Utah legislators passed the Utah Medical Cannabis Act in December 2018, and while the measure offers numerous benefits for patients in the state, it also comes with a long list of laws and stipulations. Becoming a patient is the easy part: You just need a qualifying medical condition and a valid Utah ID. Get a…

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