Maryland, New York & Oklahoma Add Telemedicine

Following the smashing success of Green Health’s telemedicine program in Missouri, Green Health Docs is pleased to announce that we have added three more states to our existing telemedicine program. We’ll break down what this means for patients.

Green Health Telemedicine Expands

Green Health Docs has been recommending patients for medical marijuana for more than three years now. With over 15,000 patients and counting, the licensed physicians at Green Health Docs have been working around the clock to provide patients with their medical marijuana evaluation and recommendation.

But only recently has our team added telemedicine to their arsenal. Telemedicine allows patients to see a doctor no matter where they live in the state. That’s right, you could literally have your telemedicine call in your pajamas! All you need to do is schedule your medical marijuana telemedicine appointment and wait for your call.

“We want to be able to provide patients with access to medical cannabis without them having to travel hours just to see a doc,” Dr. Anand Dugar, CEO and physician at Green Health Docs, stated. “Telemedicine makes the process easy and affordable for them. No driving. Just a phone call.”

Is Green Health Telemedicine Available In All States?

Sadly, not every state currently offers telemedicine as an option for medical marijuana patients. That said, a few states are starting to add telemedicine to their existing medicinal marijuana programs. Among these states are New York and Oklahoma.

In addition to these states, Green Health also offers telemedicine in Missouri, where we offer both in-person clinics and telemedicine. Be on the lookout for more states in the coming months!

Click your state to begin scheduling a Green Health Telemedicine medical marijuana appointment:


New York


Is Telemedicine The Same As A Typical Evaluation?

Your telemedicine appointment should last about as long as your in-person evaluation (15-20 minutes). You will chat with the doctor and discuss your medical conditions and medical records (if applicable in your state). Be sure to ask any questions you may have about medical cannabis, your medical condition, or registering with the state.

After your appointment, your physician will write a letter of recommendation for medical cannabis. This letter (usually a form provided by the state) is then submitted to the state’s online medical marijuana application portal when you apply for your official state-issued medical marijuana card. There is typically a fee for registering, around $50-150, depending on the state. After registering, you simply print your card (or obtain it in the mail). From there, you are a legal medical marijuana cardholder.

Can I Do My Renewal Via Telemedicine?

Patients looking to renew their cannabis cards in Maryland can take part in Green Health’s telemedicine program. Renewal evaluations should take about the same amount of time as a typical telemedicine evaluation.

As renewals are available in other states, like Missouri, New York and Oklahoma, we will add a renewal schedule option. Watch this space for more updates and news!

Book Online With Green Health

If you’re looking to see our doctors at one of our in-person clinics, we now offer online booking as well. The process is easy. Simply pick your medical marijuana doctors clinic and fill out the form. You’ll fill in some details, upload your records (if applicable), and set your time. From there, you’ll you’re set!

If you run into any issues along the way, you are always welcome to contact our support team at 1-877-242-0362. They can walk you through the entire process of obtaining a card, get you scheduled or answer any questions or concerns you may have.