What is a Tincture? Plus the Benefits of THC Tinctures

Photo by Dana Miller Plant medicine is more than just a clever euphemism for medical marijuana. There is a movement to use plants and botanical products to treat various illnesses and symptoms. For centuries, the goal of plant medicine has been to use homeopathic treatments like tinctures to capitalize on the natural health benefits of…

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The Difference Between THC and THCa? And More THCa FAQs

what is thca

The Difference Between THC and THCa Have you ever wondered what the difference between THC and THCa is and what the percentages of “THC” and “THCa” on a marijuana label really mean? As it turns out, the proportion of these two compounds in the strain you select plays a huge role in the effects it…

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Can Dogs Get High? Is Marijuana Bad for Dogs?

Most marijuana consumers, whether medical or recreational, are quite familiar with the “high” sensation that cannabis causes. While it’s very apparent cannabis affects people this way, many users often wonder, “Can dogs get high, and is marijuana bad for dogs?” These types of questions have become more common with the steady rise of cannabis use,…

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