Ohio Is Cracking Down on Private Marijuana Clubs

Ohio Police Cracking Down on Private Marijuana Clubs

The COVID-19 outbreak has contributed to booming medical marijuana sales in Ohio. But not all of these sales are coming from above-board operations. So-called private medical marijuana clubs have been operating under the radar since the program officially took off in early 2019. Police and regulators are increasingly cracking down on these operations.

If you’re a patient, it’s important to recognize the difference between legitimate and unauthorized cannabis businesses. Purchasing your medication from the wrong source may come with significant risks and severe consequences. Read More

The Ohio Medical Cannabis Program Is Thriving During COVID-19

Ohio Medical Cannabis patients

Ohio’s fledgling medical marijuana program is seeing an influx of new patients, and the COVID-19 pandemic may be largely responsible. According to data from the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, sales have been picking up significantly since February, right before Gov. Mike DeWine first unrolled the state’s ‘Safe at Home’ order. Read More