The Best Cannabutter Recipe Plus, Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking with Cannabis

cooking with cannabis and how to avoid mistakes

As marijuana laws continue to evolve across the U.S., cooking with cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular activity among medical marijuana patients and recreational users alike. It allows for a simple and potent marijuana delivery system without a single puff of smoke.

If you’re new to the unique complexities of culinary cannabis, you’ll want to avoid some of the common cooking mistakes—lest you waste perfectly good flower on an unintended kitchen disaster.

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THC Syrup: What It Is and What Are Its Benefits and Risks

THC syrup

THC syrup is a simple, sweet way to use cannabis. You can use it as you would any other simple syrup: in cannabis mocktails, to glaze deserts, or simply take it by the spoonful like cough syrup. You wouldn’t think a simple edible product would be so controversial. But unfortunately, THC syrup can sometimes intentionally…

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Cannaoil Secrets & How to Make Homemade Cannabis Oil

Cannaoil, a.k.a. cannabis-infused oil, is more than just the secret ingredient of magic brownies. It offers diverse ways to dose medical or recreational cannabis by simply incorporating it into your cooking. You can use cannabis oil to make sweet or savory edibles; with cannabis coconut oil, you can even improve your coffee or use it…

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Medical Marijuana Edibles: Making Cannabutter & Brownies

making edibles

Cannabis administration methods have come a long way since the introduction of smoking. Edibles are an easy method for patients to consume medical cannabis without having to vape or smoke marijuana. But many patients don’t know how to make edibles. We take a look at how to make medical cannabis powder, as well as cannabutter…

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