The Cannabis Seed Paradox: Breaking The Law To Grow

You’ve seen our physicians at Green Health Docs. You have your certification. You’ve registered with the state and gotten proper authorization to grow medical cannabis at home. But then comes the cannabis seed paradox! 

Find out what the cannabis seed paradox is below. And how cultivators get around it. (Hint: they break the law)

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Where Are Missouri Dispensaries? This Map Gives First Clues

On Friday, June 26 2019, the Missouri medical marijuana patient registry will open. But how soon should patients expect to be able to purchase medical cannabis? The state recently released a map of where Missouri dispensaries could be located.

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Ohio Medical Marijuana Oils Temporarily Pulled From Dispensaries

The Buckeye State hit another snag this week as Ohio medical marijuana oils have been temporarily pulled from dispensary shelves. This follows a dispute over a misprint on the product that forced the state to issue the recall.

Below, the Green Health Docs Advocacy Team will take a look at why this recall happened, what it means for Ohio medical marijuana patients, and if marijuana oils will make a return anytime soon.

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More Medical Marijuana Coming to Columbus

Cannabis is finally being sold in Columbus medical marijuana dispensaries. Many patients have asked our team at Green Health Docs where their medical marijuana comes from. We’ll take a look at an upcoming Ohio medical marijuana cultivator, Galenas. They will be selling product throughout the Buckeye State, including dispensaries opening in the Columbus area.

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