THC and Sleep: What Happens When You Sleep High?

what happens when you sleep high

What happens when you sleep high after smoking marijuana? Weed makes you sleepy, so many people will use cannabis for sleep, but there’s much debate over whether this is good for you. With approximately 16% of Americans saying they smoke cannabis or use other THC products, this is an issue afflicting potentially millions of people.…

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What is the Half-Life of THC & How is THC Metabolized?

how is thc metabolized

Photo by Rafael Classen By now people know cannabis can get you high because of its THC. The growth of the cannabis industry is expanding our collective understanding of how THC interacts with our body. From tips to extending your high to understanding how long it may linger in your system and pop up on…

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Finding the Best Cannabis: Indica vs. Sativa

Virginia Medical Cannabis Program

You’re finally ready to try medical or recreational cannabis. You walk into a dispensary and are instantly overwhelmed. Indica vs. Sativa: what does it mean? With growing legalization you can be confronted with everything from standard weed flower and pre-rolled joints to shiny products ranging from cookies, cakes, cannabis-infused cocktails, gummies, vapes, and tinctures, what to choose?…

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Can Dogs Get High? Is Marijuana Bad for Dogs?

Most marijuana consumers, whether medical or recreational, are quite familiar with the “high” sensation that cannabis causes. While it’s very apparent cannabis affects people this way, many users often wonder, “Can dogs get high, and is marijuana bad for dogs?” These types of questions have become more common with the steady rise of cannabis use,…

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