Does weed make you lazy

Marijuana and Motivation: Does Weed Make You Lazy, Sleepy, and Unmotivated?

Does weed make you lazy

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Does weed make you lazy?

Laziness and a lack of motivation are charges often levied at anyone who smokes marijuana or consumes any other type of weed product. Of the 16% of Americans who smoke cannabis, it is easy to dismiss them as lazy or unmotivated, but is this the case, and if so, why does weed make you lazy?

In this guide, we examine the existing science to answer the question, “Does marijuana make you sleepy, lazy, tired, unmotivated, and unproductive?” and the impact of different types of cannabis.

Does Weed Make You Tired?

Unfortunately, the data is inconclusive on whether weed makes you lazy. Some studies have found that pot can lead to a sense of feeling slow or lacking in motivation. On the other hand, other studies have found that this is not the case.

For example, a study published in Psychopharmacology found that cannabis induced a transient motivational state. This means that the THC within cannabis caused a negative impact on motivation but only temporarily. Plenty of other studies have recorded similar results.

So, does weed make you slow?

That’s the thing. On the other hand, the journal Frontiers in Public Health published a study from the University of Colorado that focused on marijuana and physical exercise. Does THC make you tired in this context? The answer is the opposite.

Researchers found that subjects enjoyed working out more within this context and saw increased motivation.

Additionally, while some ask, “Does weed make you unmotivated?” one only has to point out that cannabis is often used to manage depression symptoms. And those who have been diagnosed with depression often feel paralyzed because they have no motivation.

Why Does Weed Make You Sleepy?

Does marijuana make you sleepy?

On this point, there is no doubt that cannabis can make you sleepy. According to the Sleep Foundation, 70% of young adults reported using cannabis to help them sleep. New users complaining that “weed makes me tired” or “weed makes me lazy” shouldn’t be surprised.

So, now we know the answer to “Can weed make you sleepy?” what’s the science behind it?

Several reasons exist as to why cannabis has this effect. The primary culprit is THC, which is the primary psychoactive compound found in marijuana. In some cases, THC can also degrade into another cannabinoid known as CBN, which itself is known to cause drowsiness.

Terpenes also have a role to play in making you feel sleepy. These are the aromatic compounds within cannabis. While there are many terpenes, the two primary ones that make you feel sleepy are myrcene and linalool, which are linked with stress relief and relaxation.

Regardless of the cannabinoids and terpenes within your cannabis, the entourage effect will be activated, contributing to fatigue and tiredness.

In conclusion, can weed make you tired? Yes, and this is the primary aim of many marijuana smokers, which is also why cannabis is recommended by many for treating insomnia.

Does Sativa or Indica Make You Sleepy?

Can weed make you tired if it contains Sativa, Indica, or both?

This is where the cannabis industry is confident in its conclusions. While all strains contain THC, terpene concentrations differ. Sativa strains are viewed as energizing types of weed because of the terpenes limonene and pinene, which are revitalizing.

In contrast, Indica strains contain linalool and myrcene, which are associated with relaxation. But does hybrid weed make you tired?

Hybrid strains can tire or energize you, but it depends entirely on the strain in question. This issue needs to be more straightforward.

Furthermore, many weed smokers find that they respond differently to various strains. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system will react differently, so whether you feel energized, tired, lazy, or motivated will depend on how your body reacts.

Does Weed Make You Tired the Next Day?

Does marijuana make you sleepy for longer than a few hours? Unfortunately, this is difficult to calculate because it will depend on how much you smoke, the concentration of your weed, how your body reacts, and how long you have been smoking weed.

The issue is not that weed can weed makes you tired. It is when you smoke it and how long you stay high. For example, if you smoke pot before bed, your sleep cycle will come under the influence.

Most people know that REM sleep is considered the deep sleep stage of your sleeping hours, which is when your mind becomes refreshed. According to Harvard Medical School, some evidence shows that stage three – immediately before the REM stage – becomes longer, which is why some weed smokers wake up still sleepy.

Does weed make you more tired the next day if you increase how much you smoke?

Of course, if you have a marathon smoking session and stay high for more extended periods, the playing field differs. Why does weed make you tired after a long smoking session? Simply put, you’re still suffering from the residual effects of being high.

However, this is still an early area of research, so any evidence should be viewed as preliminary.

Does Weed Make You Lazy?

Whether marijuana impacts laziness is a controversial area of science. Most studies on the issue have concentrated on something known as “motivational syndrome.” This condition has been associated with symptoms like:

  • Detachment
  • Memory loss
  • Attention loss
  • Apathy
  • Overall loss of motivation

Scientists have connected a motivational syndrome with lowered dopamine production. The problem is that no consistent results have ever been produced regarding marijuana causing this syndrome or whether it exists.

In short, does marijuana make you lazy? It can, but this isn’t guaranteed because so many factors are involved.

Does Weed Make You Tired

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Why Does Weed Make You Unmotivated?

The University of Cambridge in the UK stated that the “lazy stoner” stereotype is itself as lazy.

The reasoning behind this stereotype is that those who smoke marijuana are likelier to sleep and relax than to work. But this is because so many strains can cause you to feel relaxed and sleepy. And it’s this effect that has become enshrined within the public’s field of vision.

Does weed make you unmotivated, and does weed make you unproductive? Many believe that the answer to these questions is no because the lack of will to do anything is also associated with symptoms of depression and other mental health conditions.

But, of course, if someone is feeling relaxed or sleepy, it’s apparent that they are going to be unmotivated to do anything else. So, if someone is feeling unmotivated, the reason is the same as why you feel sleepy when smoking marijuana.

Does Indica Make You Lazy Compared to Sativa?

Different strains accomplish different things. It’s why those who have smoked for a long time will carry varying strains and products, depending on what they need at the time.

For example, the connection between marijuana and motivation tends to make a distinction between Indica and Sativa strains. Does Indica make you lazy? It can be because of the combination mentioned above of terpenes. On the other hand, Sativa contains energizing terpenes, hence why this strain is often known as the creative strain.

Does Weed Make You Lazy Long-Term?

Laziness is a common worry among those who are new to smoking weed. Take the following questions:

  • Does THC make you sleepy?
  • Does smoking weed make you tired?
  • Does weed make you lazy?

The answer is “Yes” in all scenarios whenever you smoke, but no evidence reveals that this extends to long-term cognitive impairment. In a study from the San Antonio Current, they found that weed smokers are no lazier than anybody else in society.

Then, why does marijuana make you lazy, and why does marijuana make you sleepy? The answer is not in the fact that you consume cannabis but in the strains you choose and the frequency.

If you are constantly high, you are likely to feel lazy. If you complain that “weed makes me sleepy,” it makes sense to reflect upon your cannabis use.

How to Not Be Lazy When Smoking Weed

Asking, “Why does weed make me so tired?” should tell you that the best way to avoid feeling lazy while smoking marijuana is to change to a more energizing strain. Regular Indica smokers will experience overwhelming feelings of tiredness, but switching to Sativa can help regulate it.

Other tips to avoid feeling so unproductive when smoking weed include:

  • Reduce your dosage to a low-THC variant.
  • Decrease the amount you smoke.
  • Examine if there are other reasons why you could be feeling tired.

Also, does quitting weed make you tired? There is no reason it should unless you rely on an energizing strain to cover for poor diet, lack of exercise, and low sleep quality. It’s not uncommon for people to feel the benefits of decreasing their weed consumption temporarily.

Choose the Weed that Suits Your Needs, Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card Today!

Many people are worried about the impact of marijuana, which is why they ask, “Does smoking weed every day cause fatigue?” But no evidence reveals that you will become chronically lazy or unmotivated.

This is why marijuana is often used to treat conditions ranging from depression to insomnia. Either of these conditions (among others) could even qualify you for a medical marijuana card in your state.

To learn more, get in touch with the Green Health Docs team and see if you qualify.


Dr. Anand DugarThis article has been reviewed by Dr. Anand Dugar, an anesthesiologist, pain medicine physician and the founder of Green Health Docs. Graduating from medical school in 2004 and residency in 2008, Dr. Dugar has been a licensed physician for almost 20 years and has been leading the push for medical cannabis nationwide.