Is Weed Legal in Georgia? Plus Georgia Weed Laws & Georgia Marijuana Legalization Efforts in 2023

is weed legal in georgia

Photo by Yash Lucid Cannabis law is shifting despite not much movement on the national front. While marijuana remains a controlled substance that’s illegal on the federal level, states can still decide the legal status of cannabis for themselves. Some states have green-lit medical marijuana, others have fully legalized cannabis and there are still a…

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Is Weed Legal in Florida? Plus Florida Weed Laws & Florida Marijuana Legalization Efforts in 2023

is weed legal in florida

Cannabis legalization is a major legal hot topic of our time and is in vastly different stages of development throughout the United States. While not much has happened on the federal level with cannabis remaining illegal nationally, states are still individually deciding how they want to establish their marijuana laws. Many states have approved medical…

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The Top 8 Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card & Why to Get One Even in a Recreational State

benefits of medical marijuanas card

Photo by Budding The legal situation surrounding recreational marijuana has been fluid for some years, with some states choosing to legalize it and others preferring to follow the federal government’s guidelines. Despite this, 48 million Americans used weed in 2019, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Obtaining cannabis largely depends on where…

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Do Teachers Get Drug Tested & Can You Be a Teacher with a Medical Card?

do teachers get drug tested

Photo by Adrien King Marijuana has formed part of the American landscape, with the ending of prohibitions across many states. As science sees changes in how the population perceives cannabis, 21 states have legalized recreational marijuana. Despite this, the federal government has remained steadfast in its opposition to weed. Today, marijuana is classified as a…

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Traveling with Weed: Can You Fly With Medical Marijuana in 2023?

can you travel on a plane with medical marijuanas

Marijuana is booming in the U.S., with more states legalizing recreational and medicinal weed. With 48 million people estimated to have used cannabis at least once in 2019, this runaway train cannot be stopped. But can you fly with weed? What about flying with edibles? Unfortunately, flying with marijuana is prohibited because all airports fall…

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