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Arkansas Weed Prices – A Guide for Medical Marijuana Patients

Arkansas weed prices are some of the highest in the nation. Some reports indicate that the average price of cannabis is almost $20 per gram in Arkansas, compared with an average $10 to $15 per gram in other states. In fact, many Arkansas patients are applying for temporary visitor cards in neighboring Oklahoma where they can purchase more affordable cannabis. Even when you account for the cost of the out-of-state registration, Arkansans are still saving money—at least in the short term. But it’s not a sustainable solution.

There are a couple of notable reasons for the high prices in Arkansas, but the good news is that—as the program continues to grow in popularity and more dispensaries open their doors—prices are already coming down.

Why Medical Marijuana Costs More in Arkansas

The main reason why Arkansas weed prices are so high is that there just aren’t enough cannabis businesses to meet the growing demand. Arkansas currently has 16 dispensaries and only five cultivation facilities in the entire state despite having more than 50,000 registered patients.

However, there is good news. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, support and demand for medical marijuana have been growing in the state. As a result, supporters have been pushing hard for the state to approve more business licenses. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission has already begun reviewing and approving new cultivators, and additional dispensaries shouldn’t be far behind.

The high taxes are another reason why marijuana costs so much. Arkansas imposes a 6.5% sales tax plus a 4% “privilege” tax that goes straight to the National Cancer Research Institute. And businesses also have to factor in their own costs. When accounting for their overhead, licensure, and wholesale costs, they have to impose significant markups.

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Sample Medical Marijuana Prices in Arkansas

The following samples were calculated by averaging the prices at three top dispensaries located in different parts of the state: The ReLeaf Center in Bentonville, Noah’s Ark in El Dorado, and Herbology in Little Rock.

  • 1 gram of flower: $12 to $20
  • Vape Pen Cartridges (500 mg): $70 to $100
  • Gummies: $40 to $60 for a 10-pack
  • Assorted Edibles: $25 to $50
  • Wax and Shatter: $40 to $80
  • Tinctures: $50 to $100
  • Capsules: $50 to $75

How to Save Money on Marijuana in Arkansas

The best way to save money on medical marijuana is to shop around. If you live in an area with multiple dispensaries, compare prices ahead of time and ask about any current deals. Cannabis flower will typically be your most cost-effective solution. You can also save by purchasing pre-rolls, as they’re often made from unsold cannabis strains and offered at a discount.

Finally, just be patient. Prices are slowly falling statewide, and as more businesses open their doors, Arkansas cannabis prices should come closer and closer to the national averages.

Become an Arkansas Medical Marijuana Patient

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Once you have your written certification, you can register online for your medical marijuana card and gain access to all 16 of the state’s licensed dispensaries. Contact us today to get started.