Five Benefits to Vaping Medical Cannabis

Smoking has been the most prevalent form of cannabis consumption for thousands of years. However, smoking cannabis is not permitted in every state with a medical marijuana program. Thankfully, cannabis research has allowed consumption methods to slowly evolve over the years.

This video, produced by the Green Health Docs Advocacy Team, outlines five benefits medical marijuana patients can experience by using one of these new methods: vaping dry cannabis or cannabis oil.


3 comments on “Five Benefits to Vaping Medical Cannabis

    1. I whole heartedly agree! Question please: can you please recommend an ” old school ” vaporizer where you take the actual flower and heat it belo
      w combustion but hot enough for trichome vaporization? Thank you.

    2. I would recommend a Pax 3 for portable vaporization. I would also recommend an Arizer ExtremeQ for in-house vaporization. That device allows you to fill a bag with vaporized cannabis. Very enjoyable experience! Hope that helps.

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