Utah Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

A Natural Alternative for UT Residents

The state of Utah has provided a list of medical conditions that they consider to be qualifying for the use of medical marijuana. Below you can view the list of approved medical conditions provided by the Utah Department of Health to find out if you qualify for a Utah medical card.

Qualifying Conditions List for Utah Medical Marijuana

• Chronic and intractable pain
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
• Cancer
• Cachexia
• Persistent nausea
• Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
• Epilepsy or debilitating seizures
• Multiple sclerosis or persistent and debilitating muscle spasms
• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Autism
• A terminal illness when the patient’s life expectancy is less than six months
• A condition resulting in the individual receiving hospice care
• A rare condition or disease that affects less than 200,000 individuals in the U.S., as defined in federal law, and that is not adequately managed despite treatment attempts using conventional medications (other than opioids or opiates) or physical interventions


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How to Get a Utah Medical Marijuana Card

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Dr. Anand DugarThis article is reviewed by Dr. Anand Dugar, an anesthesiologist and pain medicine physician.  He is also the founder of Green Health Docs.  Graduating from medical school in 2004 and residency in 2008, Dr. Dugar has been a licensed physician for almost 20 years and has been leading the push for medical cannabis nationwide.