Dear Maryland Cannabis Commission, Another Argument in Favor of Out of State Patients

Okay, I’ve had time to digest the decision of the MMCC to not allow out of state patients access to life-changing medicine based off of their address. I’ve come to grips with thousands of people still having to go through black market sources and all that comes with that to obtain their medicine.  Not to mention the revenue that could be redirected to legally operating businesses and taxed accordingly.

I can ignore the damage it is has done to businesses that based their set up and growth models off of the published law allowing out of state patients. The law as written influenced decisions on location, size, and staffing, and changing it now hurts some businesses through no fault of their own. It has cost and will cost more jobs. Read More

Green Health Docs Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center is Opening in Rockville, Maryland!

Green Health Docs, the nation’s premier medical marijuana evaluation practice, is opening its 2nd site in Rockville, Maryland on June 30th, 2017! This will further Green Health Docs reach and commitment to helping patients find relief through Medical Marijuana! This will also help combat the nation’s opioid epidemic even more. Read More