MMCC (Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission) Fails Out of State Patients

Medical Marijuana - Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

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Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission denies thousands of patients through a new decision.

Earlier this week the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) announced that they will be changing the laws as it pertains to out of state patients. The MMCC has had out of state applications on hold for months while they were deciding what to do with the regulations.

The regulations in question allowed out of state patients to be seen by a Maryland doctor and receive medical cannabis in Maryland. The MMCC had concerns over patients transporting medicine across state lines and have now decided to not serve out of state patients, nor allow them to apply for the program.

Who Will Be Affected by the MMCC Decision?

Medical Marijuana - MMCC regulations

This decision hurts thousands of people that were counting on being able to get the medicine they were seeking to improve their quality of life. These are children who suffer from seizures, veterans struggling with PTSD, and people with chronic pain. These are cancer patients who want access to medical cannabis, not just to combat the side effects of chemotherapy, but to fight the disease itself.

All out of state patients were told the risks of taking the medicine across state lines and many were willing to take the risk in order to have access to their medicine. Many wonder why transporting prescribed cannabis across state lines would be any different than transporting any other prescribed medication across the same state line.

The answer there is simple: Cannabis is against federal law. Never mind the fact that cannabis is recreationally legal in several states, and medicinally legal in many others.

Cannabis and Federal Law

Don’t forget the fact that the federal government holds the patent on cannabis. Check out patent number 6630507. The patent claims exclusive rights on the use of cannabinoids for treating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke; and diseases caused by oxidative stress, such as heart attack, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and arthritis. The government knows that medical cannabis could help many people but keeps it illegal and a schedule 1 drug.

The MMCC had a chance to tell the country that Maryland is here to help. At Green Health Docs, we believe you should have access to this medicine so that you can improve your quality of life. The MMCC’s decision to deny access of a safe and effective medicine to people out of state is just another setback to people who were counting on the commission to finally end their suffering. People seeking medicine are being turned away based on their home address.

There has to be a better solution to do what the program always intended to do: Help people.

Green Health Docs does not agree with the decision by the MMCC to prevent out of state patients from getting access to this medication. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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5 comments on “MMCC (Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission) Fails Out of State Patients

  1. It is a great article regarding health and awareness of people to cope with modern diseases. Thanks for finally writing about health. I really liked it! WOW just what I was looking for. I came here by searching for health. Yes! Finally someone writes about the modern consequences of health. I really appreciate your research and work as it will help people to be aware of modern diseases and healthy activities.

  2. The MMCC is failing patients, as is the Federal Government. However, Maryland has failed the patients first and foremost. Repeatedly, the MMCC has dropped the ball. It is time to pressure our state government here in Maryland to represent voters. Why is it that Maryland always seems to appear constipated in regards to progressive political progress? Could it be that we are to close to DC as well as our southern political heritage?

    I have come to expect very little from our State officials in Maryland. I’m hoping my partner can find gainful employment in one of the state’s that have listened to it’s voters wishes for legal access to marijuana. Sadly, we may never find brave legislators to represent our wishes here in time.

    Ask the people of color in Baltimore. Ask our many Veterans. Ask our people begging for medical marijuana. Ask our people addicted to opiates, including those of us trapped by methadone, Suboxone and Subutex maintenance clinics who refuse to allow their patients to use medical marijuana, which could help them get off the methadone/buprenorphine treadmills. Ask our people, like Freddie Grey, with dirty cops on jump out squads dealing the very drugs they swore an oath to protect us from.

    Maryland, our Maryland. What will save us from the corrupt, evil darkness that seems to control those we elect?

  3. I have epilepsy now since 2010 I broke my ankle getting outta my fed ex truck. Well they have me Nurotin for the pain 3 days later first grandma so on for a week till I looked it up it was only for EPILEPSY and 2 multi multi million dollar law suits. Cause after 10 yrs to increase sale added pain add adhd and 7 other including pain nerve pains and epileptic people stop siezires. I lost my job my lic and took 3 yrs to get my ssdi. Losing my fiance and house. Finally got one my feet but ssdi after rent and power and cable I have 50 bucks to my name thank god for family to help so far 5 months w out a grandma siezure. W using cbd and using combo thc also I went from 16 pills a day just four different meds alone to kinda kinda help reduce them thisbis only med w 2 pills of 500mg depakote so far still need that back up till I am grow my own least like DC 2 plants it is almost 400 a month at 35. Having to get money for this medication only thing helped my epilepsy for real not helped kinda and drugged up all day

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