Alpha-Humulene Terpene Effects, Benefits, Flavor & Strains

what is humulene

Photo by Joris Neyt Cannabis may be highly coveted and contested due to its THC content. However, the expanded adoption of medical marijuana across the United States has led to a greater understanding of the countless biological chemicals found within everyone’s favorite herb. Humuene is one of these compounds and its full list of medical…

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What is Terpinolene? Terpinolene Effects, Benefits & Strains

What Is Terpinolene

Photo by Olia Danilevich Science is continually discovering a whole new batch of health benefits from the countless compounds found in cannabis. There are more than 538 chemical compounds in cannabis that are also found throughout the plant kingdom, and more importantly, interact with the human body. Terpinolene is one of these marijuana marvels. Besides…

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What is Myrcene? Understanding Beta-Myrcene Effects & Benefits

Photo by Ron Lach Part of the widespread popularity of medical marijuana is the countless beneficial compounds found in cannabis. Everyone is familiar with the more notable compounds like the cannabinoids THC and CBD. While these more well known cannabinoids can encourage people to buy cannabis, there are quite a few chemicals that continue to…

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What is Linalool? Understanding Linalool Terpene Effects

lavender terpenes

Photo by Pixabay Cannabis is finding wider circulation throughout the world due to its many medicinal benefits. While the average person may know about cannabinoids like THC and CBD, terpenes are not as popularly known. Terpenes are chemicals that give cannabis and fruits, vegetables, and other plants their distinct smells and flavors. Linalool is a…

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