Utah Marijuana Card Online

Utah Marijuana Card Online

Utah requires that your first visit with a medical cannabis provider be done in-person.  (If you are a first time patient with Green Health Docs, click here to schedule an in-person appointment.)


But, after this initial visit, all future visits can be done online via telemedicine (video visits).


If you are a renewal patient with Green Health Docs, you can renew your Utah medical marijuana card online from the comfort of your own home using our telemedicine option.

Our licensed physicians (your current QMP) can evaluate you via a scheduled video conference.


Each of our providers has a different telemedicine schedule for renewal visits, so please call or text us at 1-877-242-0362 if you would like to pursue this option.


If you prefer to be seen in-person for your renewal appointment at our Salt Lake City or Orem clinics, you can schedule that by clicking on either location below:


Salt Lake City



Call or text us at 1-877-242-0362 to schedule a renewal appointment for your Utah medical marijuana card.