Missouri Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Missouri Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

How to Renew Your Missouri Medical Card

STEP 1: Annual Missouri Medical Card Certification Renewal

The Missouri DHSS requires medical marijuana patients to be re-evaluated by a licensed doctor once per year in order to renew your certification and continue to grow / possess product. You’ll want to be seen for re-certification 60 days prior to, and no less than 30 days before, the expiration date found on your card.

We offer convenient online certification for Missouri medical marijuana card renewal. Simply click the RENEWAL VISIT option on the form to the right to schedule your medical marijuana evaluation.

STEP 2: Renew Your Annual State Registration in Missouri

Your registration with the state must be renewed every year. The cost for patients and caregivers is $25, paid directly to the DHSS online. If you have a cultivation license this will need to be renewed as well for an additional $100.

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Missouri Medical Marijuana Renewal FAQs

When should I renew my Missouri medical marijuana license?

The window for submitting your renewal application is between 60 days prior to and no fewer than 30 days before the expiration date of your current license.

How do I know when it’s time to renew my license?

Patients, caregivers, and cultivators will receive notices 60, 45, 30, and 15 days prior to their license expiration date. Missouri registry system will send automated emails to the address in your application.

Will I lose time on my license if I apply for renewal earlier?

No. Approved application renewals are set to expire one year from the original application expiration date. For example, if the original application was approved on 7/1/2019, and has an expiration date of 7/1/2020, once the renewal application is processed and approved on 5/30/2020, the renewed license will have an expiration date of 7/1/2021.

What information do I have to submit in my renewal application?

Renewal applications must include 1) any information about you that has changed (for example, address, name, etc) as well as all 2) required documents that comply with the initial applications. You will need a new physician certification form (with physician’s signature and date that is no more than 30 days prior to the renewal application submission date) to satisfy the latter requirement.

What documentation do I need to renew my patient license?

Patients must provide a new physician certification form (you get this from Green Health Docs) and up-to-date proof of residence in order to renew their license. Approval steps are the same as in the initial Missouri medical marijuana card application process with the exception of reviewing government ID and photo, which will be carried over from the initial application submission.

What documentation do I need to renew my caregiver license?

A new patient authorization form will be required for renewal of a caregiver license.