Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


In November of 2016, Arkansas residents voted to legalize cannabis for medicinal use. Issue 6 was approved by a vote of 53% to 47%, resulting in an amendment to the state constitution. As a result, dispensaries are now popping up all over the state. In order to access these businesses, you’ll need to become a patient. Green Health Docs makes it easy to apply for your Arkansas medical marijuana card online.


Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locations

The Arkansas Alcohol and Beverage Control agency has approved 32 dispensaries in communities such as:

  • Alexander
  • El Dorado
  • Fayetteville
  • Hot Springs
  • Little Rock
  • Monticello
  • Mountain View
  • West Memphis

The state is divided between eight medical marijuana zones, with four dispensaries permitted in each zone.


More than 20 dispensaries are already open in cities throughout the state, and more are slated to open by the end of the year. To find the Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries closest to you, use the interactive map on this page. You can zoom in for a closer look or click on any dispensary location for more information.

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Arkansas?

Though Arkansas has approximately 40,000 medical marijuana patients, there are still fewer than 30 dispensaries in the state. As a result, prices tend to run a bit higher than the national average.


Still, prices are falling as new dispensaries open their doors and new cultivation facilities obtain licensure. It’s now possible to find cannabis products for less than $15 per gram.

How Much Can You Buy at Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

Under the terms of Issue 6, registered Arkansas patients can purchase up to 2.5 ounces—or 71 grams—of cannabis every 14 days.


All purchases are logged under the state’s track-and-trace system. So if you purchase 2.5 ounces from one dispensary, you won’t be able to shop at any other dispensaries until the 14-day period has passed.

How to Access Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Only registered patients with a qualifying medical condition are permitted to enter Arkansas dispensaries. Click here to see a complete list of qualifying conditions for an Arkansas medical marijuana card.

To become a patient, you must obtain a physician’s recommendation and then register with the Arkansas Department of Health. Registration requires:

  • An Arkansas State ID issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Your written certification from a physician.
  • A $50 credit or debit card payment. If you’re applying as a caregiver, you’ll need to pay an additional $37 for the required criminal background check.

Patient applications take an average of 10 to 14 days to process, and incomplete applications are rejected. Once the state approves your application, you can print your card and gain immediate access to any of the state’s licensed dispensaries.

How to Access Arkansas Dispensaries as an Out-of-State Visitor

Arkansas is a reciprocal medical marijuana state. If you’re a patient visiting from out of state and you would like to access Arkansas dispensaries, you can apply online. You’ll go through the same Department of Health application process as an in-state patient, but you’ll register as a visitor.


You’ll need to have your physician’s recommendation and pay a non-refundable $50 registration fee. Your temporary visitor card is good for 30 days.

Become a Patient Today

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state or Arkansas is now allowing telemedicine evaluations. You can receive your physician’s MMJ evaluation via video conference and then apply for your card online without ever leaving home.


Green Health Docs offers Arkansas telemedicine evaluations. One of our state-licensed physicians would be happy to evaluate your condition and provide you with the certification you need to gain access to Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries.


Schedule your telemedicine evaluation online or give us a call at 1-877-242-0362.


We’ll get you set up so that you can get the relief you need.